Wedding DJ to 6th Form Prom DJ & Photobooths…Take Your Pick!!

Wedding DJ to 6th Form Prom DJ & Photobooths…Take Your Pick!!

From Wedding DJ/6th Form Prom DJ & Photobooths in Hertfordshire to supporting local Bands in Kent…..

So from Weddings galore, 50th Birthday’s to 6th Form Prom DJ and Photobooths Photo Booth bookings I’ve just managed to write a quick post.

So after a busy 5 months ill let you know what I’ve been upto and where I’ve been. I have had the pleasure of so many different bookings this summer. My usual summer comprises of mainly Wedding DJ bookings, but this year due to so many advanced bookings on alternative days to Saturday’s I’ve had alot more varied summer. Wedding DJ services still out number the other bookings about 4 to 1 but it still makes for a nice change.


I have had the pleasure in doing some brilliant events this summer which have included some suppliers who i had never met before.


Marquee Wedding Bovingdon


One of my favourite weddings so far this summer was an all day wedding DJ service i provided for Adam & Francesca, who had their wedding in a unnamed field in Bovingdon. A massive marquee provided by E.H Events that was erected over a 5 day period made for a superb day. Visiting the location on the Thursday before their wedding on the Saturday just to ensure everything was on track. Nothing had been left unthought of for this day. The venue looked amazing and the party didn’t finish until well into the night. I had met the Bride & Groom twice prior to their big day ensuring everything was to their liking. The daytime music comprised of Rhythm Del Mundo music before the evening consisted of RnB, 80’s Discos, 90’s dance anthems.


The Feedback that was left can be found on our testimonials page.


   Wedding DJ / 6th Prom DJ / PhotoboothsEH Events and Marquees


DJ’ing 40th/50th Birthday’s

So this summer i had the pleasure in doing a few different birthday parties. From the House of Ho in central London to The Manor at Bickley. Both extremely different events, as one i was DJing alongside two very quirky bands in The Fabulous Lounge Swingers and The Wild Tonics. The second event was a pure 90s dance, Reggae, Old School club classics night. Both clients left feedback one on our facebook page that can be seen here and the other on google that can be found here.

The 90’s dance theme seems to have been a massive hit this summer along with the Reggae vibe. I think the hot weather has contributed to this greatly as it has given parties a more holiday feel.

6th Form Prom DJ and Photobooths

So this year i provide the DJ services to Sherrards Wood School near Welwyn. Being the first time that they had held the event at the school rather than going to a hotel nearby. With this in mind they wanted to transform the gymnasium into something unrecognisable. After numerous meeting we decide to install a 6m x 3m white star cloth to cover the back wall. 30 uplighters to give the venue a totally different colour scheme and decorative tree lights draped around the inside. The venue looked nothing like its original look and the both the parents and leavers were gobsmacked at the results. The music was a blend of current chart music, world cup songs, through to some EDM.

Isabel left a great review and i hope we can be part of their plans for next years events.

Rock Wedding DJ

As a Wedding DJ sometimes you sometimes get asked to do a wedding that is out of your comfort zone. I really enjoy most types of music but Rock music is a type of music i don’t get asked to do a whole night of often. After originally spoke to Miriam and her now husband Martin over 8 months ago. I attended their house for a pre meet (Before booking) and explained to them that i wasn’t a specialist in Rock music. Explaining that if they maybe wanted a DJ to provide them with that style of music all night then they may want to look at booking a specialist Rock DJ. With this in mind Miriam made a booking with another local DJ who specialises in this type of music. I wished her well and explained to her if she needed any further help to get back in touch.

With this in mind she rang me in tears 4 months later, explaining to me the awful experience she had with this other DJ company. They had failed to answer her calls, failed to email her back and she couldn’t get in touch with them. She explained to me that this company were cheaper than myself and she going with them as they had stated they were a specialist Rock DJ company and were cheaper in price.

I met Miriam and her partner again and they confirmed the booking on the day of the meeting. I met Miriam and Martin two further times, knowing exactly what they wanted and didn’t want from their big day. The feedback they left was absolutely superb and i can’t thank them enough for putting their trust in me for their big day.


Recommended DJ Supplier at The Hertfordshire


I have been asked to become a recommended supplier at another wedding venue within Hertfordshire, The Hertfordshire Golf & Country Club. This is a beautiful venue that looks out onto a superb 18 hole golf course just outside Cuffley.



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